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Summer Camp for Boys in Maine

Where boys can be
confidently silly

Netop is an overnight summer camp in Casco, Maine, for boys 8 to 15, where growth comes natural. We're low on pressure and high on confidence. This atmosphere gives kids the space to breathe, be happy and grow. Learn more about our unplugged environment, close-knit community and our Four Spokes Philosophy: mental, social, physical and spiritual. Striving to be well-rounded and balanced. A philosophy for life.

On 100 acres of rustic Maine beauty, Netop Summer Camp is within easy reach of the spectacular mountains, lakes and rivers of Maine and New Hampshire.

Close-knit community

As a smaller camp, everyone is known at Netop. With tent groups of 4-5 campers, it doesn’t take long to get to know your tent-mates. There’s a natural openness with the tents that promotes communication and inclusiveness. At meal-time, our confidently silly culture can be felt as post-meal announcements are made and chants begin. It’s not unusual for a young camper to raise his hand, stand on the bench and pronounce to the entire camp that his buddy caught his first fish during morning activities. What follows feels a bit like an Olympic medal was just won, with smiles, cheers and congratulatory gestures from all present.

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12 Netop Road, Casco, ME 04015

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